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Marvel. James McAvoy. Michael Fassbender. Charles Xavier. Erik Lehnsherr. Captain America. When changing tags, be sure to click 'home' first and then choose a new one.


James McAvoy. Benedict Cumberbatch. Michael Fassbender. Robert Downey Jr. Andrew Scott. Chris Evans. Scarlett Johansson. Ian McKellen. Billie Joe Armstrong. Dylan Moran. David Tennant. Billie Piper. Matt Smith. Misha Collins. Karen Gillan. Mark Ruffalo. Jeremy Renner. Samuel L Jackson. Mads Mikkelsen. Jensen Ackles. Hugh Dancy. Zoe Saldana. Sebastian Stan. Mark Gatiss. Peter Capaldi. Chris Pine. Zachary Quinto. Christopher Eccelston. Martin Freeman. Chris Hemsworth. Jared Padalecki. Jenna Coleman. Colin Morgan. Tom Hiddleston. Jennifer Lawrence. Hugh Jackman. Chris Pratt. And so many more.


Seriously, this blog is just a hell of a lot of nerdy shit. My inbox is always open for those who need it, so don't be afraid to click that message button. Aight, peace. x

Predator of the Daleks


Were you ever able to name one hero who was happy? No.


drop the shield, cap! get on your knees!


Steve Rogers’ wardrobe in The Winter Soldier 

I want you by my side.

History became legend, legend became myth.

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